She’s back! When Jen Renaud made her transition to Vertiv as VP of Marketing, she had some major transformation in mind. In an effort to better align Sales and Marketing, Jen clarified roles and reorganized teams. Balancing a major cultural shift and rethinking how the organization handled day-to-day activities has had an inspiring impact. Learn more!

Tune in and Get Inspired to:

  • Work on lead to cash experience
  • Focus on EDUCATION
  • Use B2C principals in B2B situations
  • Understand business trends
  • Appreciate the little a-ha moments

Key Takeaways:

[:50] Jennifer talks about the transition she made from Oracle to Vertiv.
[2:15] Vertiv is undergoing a huge digital transformation right now.
[3:45] What have been the biggest changes to the marketing team?
[4:50] What challenges has Jennifer faced, so far?
[5:50] Jennifer and her team have had to start thinking differently about how…

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