Is he real or not: 2 Clues to look for in online dating profiles

Note: This post first appeared on Sixty and Me HERE.

Some women believe there are no good men online. I strongly disagree.

Every day, I see my clients attracting good men into their lives even safely during covid.

Part of the reason is they have the tools for quickly being able to discern whether a man might be a jerk or a good guy.

In this blog, I’m going to share 2 clues that will help you spot a man who might NOT be the right one for you.

Clue #1 . . . Have you ever heard of a “perceived high-value quality”?

This is a quality you believe a man must-have for you to even consider dating him. Examples of Perceived High-Value Qualities can be qualities like looks, fitness, religion, occupation, or money.

What happens is you go online looking for a good guy. You find one who has your Perceived…

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