Is it smart for women to look for a rich man?

I’m sure many of us are aware by now, that for the last 5 or more years, there has been a big female “level up” community on the internet. 

(Some people call these levelling up communities gold diggers, for those of you who might be unaware). 

Every woman is unique, as is every levelling up community, I should imagine. 

However, I’ve seen plenty of these ladies come through my facebook group, blog, and youtube channel.

A couple of comments on my youtube channel, my facebook community and on my blog have made me think. 

Comments such as these…

These comments revolve around the idea that smart women look for a man with money. A man who can “provide” (because if he can’t, then he’s too “feminine”). 

See below:

The basis upon which women make the claim that looking for…

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