A Pretty Sad Girl Sitting Outside Of Restaurant

Couples fight. It’s a normal part of a relationship.

But there are times when it escalated into something messy that neither of you expects. Suddenly it hits you. “Is my relationship over?” “What have I done?” and “We can no longer go back from this.”

What most people fail to realize is relationships do not just fail.

There are signs your relationship is failing way before the big fight. The fight is just the tipping point. But it didn’t get there overnight, it took some time to fill the glass and make you wonder, is my relationship over.

Signs your relationship is over

To find the answer to the question, is my relationship over, here are some red flags to look out to see when things started going downhill.

  1. You don’t communicate – Either it ends up in an argument, or you just can’t stand hearing the childish reasoning of your partner, a breakdown in

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