In our new fundraiser, Raising Kids Who Love to Learn, we’ve been talking about how Hand in Hand tools build bold, confident, curious learners. Those tools more than come into their own if you suddenly find yourself in charge of parenting and schooling!

Read on and discover how three Hand in Hand families have used the tools these past few months in the mix of learning that’s happening in their own families.

Why We Worked through Emotional Baggage Before English and Math

Katy Linsley is a Hand in Hand Instructor, living with her two boys in Lancaster, England. As a child-led, play-based childminder and ex-Primary teacher, she initially felt confident in providing her sons with a daily mix of play and learning opportunities—until she realised the stressful events leading up to lockdown left her without any energy or creativity. “The best I could do some days was to pull out…

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