lonely single
Feeling lonely?  So many single women are feeling that way during these very stressful and isolating times!  Being single is real challenge right now, for sure. And it often leads to having what I call the Nobody’s Girl blues. I know all about it, because, as a result of my own lonely childhood, I grew up feeling like a Nobody’s Girl myself!

Nobody’s Girls are everywhere, especially now.  You are not alone in facing these lonely times. There are many more Nobody’s Girls than you realize.

For example,  there was Joy, a 40-something webmaster, who was brilliant and dedicated in her work.  Perhaps too dedicated.  Sitting alone in her apartment, with her chihuahua on her lap, she worked long hours into the night.  She had gained 20 pounds and didn’t like looking at herself in the mirror.  For this reason, she rarely dated.

That is, until she met Jason on Match.  He…

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