Love and Respect in Couples

  The person who is your match will balance love, physical chemistry and partnership all in one relationship. Is your latest crush an amazing kisser but you have nothing to talk about? Can you discuss recent world news, your innermost secrets, but can’t seem to find the chemistry between you? Or maybe they are the partner in life you always thought you’d connect with, who could run a business with you, discuss anything but you can’t work up the interest to kiss them.

The person you’re looking for will be all f those things and more. But, here’s the interesting thing, a bad first kiss doesn’t mean there isn’t any chemistry and first date jitters may account for their inability to string 3 words together. If you have lots of one and not the other in the first few dates, it doesn’t mean it isn’t there and you can’t develop it.

Compatibility is all we crack it up to be. It’s one of those characteristics of a relationship that binds people together for years. Chemistry is those sparks that happen between two people that draws them closer. But, on a first or second date, those first kisses and physical touches may not be as ‘smooth’ as you might imagine.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t chemistry, only that one or both of you are too nervous to sit still. Balance must exist between compatibility or partnership and chemistry. With partnership, chemistry can grow; but with only chemistry, partnership doesn’t have a chance. When you have different lives, interests and enjoy different things, you may care about each other, but you grow apart and the love you thought would never die becomes an acquaintance you enjoy but don’t expect spending too much time with.

Without balance the relationship can also become toxic to one or both of you. That’s when it’s time to back out or seek professional help. Strong emotions of anger and fear can sometimes lead to emotional or physical abuse. And it isn’t always the man doing the abusing. Women can emotionally castrate their significant others, leaving them sprawled on the floor to die a slow death.

Don’t wait for that to happen! Instead, be proactive and suggest that you either get professional help (if you want to save the relationship) or you part ways if you aren’t all that interested in spending the time, energy and money it takes to work through these issues.

They will be a good match for you when you both can balance the love, physical chemistry and emotional partnership it takes to go the distance. Those traits are important to find in them and for you to develop. When you can offer a balanced and whole person, that’s who you’ll find.

Love Honor and Respect: Not In That Order

One of the interesting differences between men and women are our needs. Women need love. They want to feel loved and cherished. Men enjoy feeling loved but they value being respected even more. When a man feels someone respects him he will love, honor and cherish the woman who gives that gift.

When a woman is loved and cherished she will respect the man who gives her that gift.

Real respect shows up when she acknowledges your separateness in the relationship. You can have your own opinion and make your own decisions she supports but may not agree with. There is no judgment that your decisions are wrong, but an acknowledgement you can make your own decisions about what is right and wrong in your life.

Respect engenders feelings of love from the man who is blessed to receive respect. Love engenders respect from the woman who is to receive love.

That movement toward each other creates a strong emotional intimacy and bond. It is a bond built on mutual respect and love that matures two individuals into better people than they started out being. You’ll know you’ve found a woman who is a good match for you when she respects you and is not judgmental about your opinions and you can love her knowing you can trust her with your feelings.

Love, honor and respect are not buzz words that just sound good in the marriage vows. They are visible signs of commitment of two people who have grown together and are committed to spend the rest of their lives together. The difference is that men appreciate respect and women crave love. Without respect it’s difficult for you to give her love, and without love she finds it difficult to give you respect.

This becomes an issue as the relationship progresses. In the beginning most women will give you the respect you deserve. If you can give her love, you’ll often be rewarded with continued respect. However, there are those women who have difficulty respecting anything that wears pants. It’s almost as if they want to jeopardize their relationships and want nothing that lasts longer than two or three dates. Just long enough to get some physical affection, a dinner or two and they’re off to their next conquest.

It may seem more like a man’s position to enjoy the conquest, but in today’s society when women are competing for the  jobs in corporate America, they have learned to embrace their masculine attributes to improve their potential for advancement. That can also seep into their personal lives.

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Love and Respect in Couples

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