Catherine Cachia/Courtsey of the Photography

Source: Catherine Cachia/Courtsey of the Photography

Parents are rightfully concerned about the amount of time children have spent alone during the pandemic, isolated from their friends and away from their busy schedules.

There is, however, a significant and lasting upside to time spent alone that parents, no matter how many children they have, will want to understand and encourage once in-class school and after-school activities resume at full tilt.

For parents with one child, in particular, alarm bells went off unnecessarily as lockdowns dragged on. They felt as if they needed to be their younger only child’s playmate or to make sure their older only child was occupied. Turns out, most only children were at an advantage and did just fine during pandemic, one reason being they were used to having alone time and were able to fill it on their own. 

“I have nothing to…

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