Couple In Love

I recently had a client in my private practice tell me that he was tired of being nice to people and that from now on, he was going to be kind instead. This got me thinking on the lines of niceness vs. kindness, and about the wisdom for couples in making this distinction.

What, in fact, does it mean to be nice? What does being kind mean? And, finally, how is the difference between nice and kind important in marriage and family life?

Read on to get an insight into the niceness vs. kindness dilemma.

What does it mean to be nice?

Webster’s Dictionary defines nice by using the following synonyms: “pleasing, agreeable, socially acceptable.” When people are nice, they don’t make waves.

“Nice” people are often afraid to be assertive and reluctant to let others know where they stand on an issue.

Rather than stick up for themselves, they may choose to “go along to get…

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