no chemistry

Can you fall in love when there’s apparently no chemistry? Have you met a nice guy who has so many of the caring and great qualities you want and need, except, there are no sparks?  This is a problem that can be maddening!  Is there a future with this guy or not?

If you continue dating him, will you be settling for a sexless relationship or marriage?  Will you feel like you are with your brother or best friend but not with your lover?  Ugh!

Well, this blog will help you answer those questions once and for all! The short answer to the question, can you fall in love with a guy when there’s no chemistry is ‘yes.’  You can even develop a great love relationship with chemistry! But there are some preconditions that need to be there to help it all work out to a happily-ever-after for you.

Client Example

Here is a recent email sent to one of my coaches by a client:

I went a…

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