This 1 Thing Could Be Messing Up Your Over 50’s Dating Life

A friend and I used to joke and laugh that the man we were looking for was really a woman’s personality in a man’s body.

Back then, I didn’t know how true our little joke was.

You see, when women go out into the dating world, they are looking for a handsome man who will be their best friend the way a woman would be.

And I’ve spoken with enough men to know that they’d be thrilled to have a wonderful woman on their arm who would have a few beers, watch sports with them and not talk too much.

As you can see, both men and women are looking for the personalities of their sex in the body of the opposite sex.

And it’s a huge set up for failure when it comes to finding the right person.

But it doesn’t have to be.

I have a couple of secrets to share with you about both men and women that can totally change your…

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