One of my dumbest over 50’s dating mistakes ever!

Before we get to today’s blog, I wanted to mention a fun virtual event that’s coming up next week.

It’s called The Wise Woman’s Journey. Twenty-one speakers share how these years can be a time of expansion and fulfillment, as you express yourself authentically and address concerns about visibility, opportunity, or the value of your gifts.

I am one of the featured speakers.

The host of this twenty-one-day journey, Catherine Rowan, is creating a visionary movement of wise women who are supporting each other and changing the cultural narrative on aging, beauty, and contribution for women. We also explore sexuality, health, astrology, and a range of other topics. Every day from 1-21 March you’ll be receiving a fabulous 30-minute video. Register to meet Catherine and the other leading inspirational women. I can’t wait for…

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