If you could pray one prayer and know without a doubt that God would answer it, what would you pray? Would it be for you, your marriage, your family or something else?  Would it be for a “thing” like a new car, house or boat? Would it be for God to change something in you or in someone else? What would you pray for?

This isn’t a trick! I’m not trying to get you to say something and then tell you it is not something you should pray for. Instead, I want you to think. Imagine you have one prayer that God says He will answer, no matter what you pray for. It’s not the only prayer God will answer for you in your life but this one is guaranteed to be answered exactly how you ask it.  

When I think about this, it becomes a process of elimination. I’ve always wanted a red convertible sports car. Not sure why, but it has always been on my wish list. But do I want to use this one guaranteed prayer on something that will eventually get old and need repairs? I could get outside of myself and pray for those who live in poverty around the world. That would solve so many problems. What about world peace? What about true revival around the world? I could pray for Him to change something in someone else that bothers me, but is that really fair to the other person? 

I could pray for someone else — for healing or for a difficult life situation to change. The more I think about it, the more things can go on my list. How do I choose? 

What about you? What’s on your list? There may be one thing that first came to your mind, or you may have a list like I do and struggle to choose that “one prayer.”

What is our next step? Obviously this exercise is completely hypothetical. God has not said that if I pray, He will answer the prayer no questions asked. Yet, I do see God answer prayers every day. Sometimes I see the answer almost immediately while other times I may not. I do know, without a doubt, that God has answered every prayer I have ever prayed. Sometimes He says no (like the red convertible). Sometimes His answer is different than I thought it would be, but it is always the right answer. Other times He answers and I see the results very soon.  

What if today all of us prayed our one prayer? That prayer you chose as you trimmed down your list. Then, what if we each prayed our one prayer and asked God to answer every “one prayer” prayed today by each one of us? Then what if we shared with each other how God answered our “one prayer”?

Are you in? Then let’s pray! 

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