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Remote Working Co-workers

Relationship One takes working remotely seriously. In fact, we’ve been a remote-style company since we started over 10 years ago. Now that others have joined us, we’ve asked our team members to share pictures of their co-workers! A few quotes from our team …

“Ever get the feeling your coworker is giving you the evil eye?”

“Have you read this email?  Are you going to handle this mess?!”

“Everytime I get on a conference call…my co-worker draws weird alien-looking-creatures on my sticky notes, tries to say “hi” to everyone on the call, and then keeps interrupting asking me for random high fives. Now he is just pretending to work all day like it never happened (typing random letters over and over and over)!!!”

“Y– Excuse me. You– I believe you have my treats?” – KKBB, 2020


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