First, I hope all of you are staying safe in today’s climate. There have been numerous changes in our industry that have resulted in higher bounceback rates, fluctuating open rates, and so on. Like all areas of Marketing, Reporting & Analytics need to adapt to these changes. This blog will cover the recent trends that I see being used across the marketing landscape in 2020 and beyond.

The topics below will be discussed:

  1. Blocking of third-party cookies and the impact on reporting
  2. Real Time and Cross-Channel Marketing Data
  3. AI & Machine Learning
  4. Visualization of Data

Third-party Cookies

Starting with the one that is already, and will continue to, impact marketing reporting is the blocking of third-party cookies automatically by browsers. On January 14th, Google announced that they would be eliminating support for third-party cookies by 2022. Chrome’s plan is to replace…

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