Need to send a nurture campaign? Want to test which subject line works best with an audience? Want to welcome new subscribers and keep them coming back for more? Program Designer can do all of that, plus much more. 

One of the best features of Responsys is Program Designer – a robust orchestration and automation module that can  be customized to meet many different campaign deployment needs. This powerful tool can reach customers by sending them through a personalized and carefully crafted cross-channel journey that can tie together multiple campaigns, email and SMS, to specific targeted groups at a given time. It does all this while gathering detailed metrics and engagement data simultaneously and making it readily available by using the Analyze tab in the canvas. Program Designer can really do it all, and here are the highlights of some features:

Program Designer is often used for multi-stage B2C marketing campaigns that can be driven by customer engagement on a website or through other emails. Customers can also enter into a program by interacting with an SMS or MMS push, filling out a form, abandoning an online shopping cart, or even making a purchase. Program Designer is commonly used for staging a Welcome trigger program, and it excels at allowing highly customizable campaigns that can, in the particular case of a Welcome Series, immediately send a customer a Welcome email moments after they have subscribed. Based on the set cadence, the program can be created to keep the customer engaged in the Welcome journey, by staggering follow-up emails based on the customers engagement with previous touches (i.e. Opens, clicks, abandons). And Program Designer can even send the customer an email at a specialized time during the day when they most often check their inbox (more on that a little further down).

Responsys Program Designer

Suppose the Welcome program triggers an email to a customer with a coupon providing a discount towards a purchase made on the company’s website. The customer clicks through to the website, finds something to purchase, applies the coupon code at checkout, adds in their credit card information and is only one click away from making the purchase… but doesn’t. The item, in all its discounted glory, now sits in an abandoned online shopping cart. The customer moves on to a different website and leaves the cart out in the cold. 

Fortunately, this problem is easily addressed with Program Designer. One way to address this issue is with an Abandon Cart program*. It can be designed in Program Designer which captures customers who are purchase shy or forgot about their cart, by utilizing the option of “throw and catch” feature of Program Designer. 

Catch EventThrow Event

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Now, that same customer who was initially brought to the website by the Welcome email offer, has now been re-routed to the Abandon Cart program, where they will receive a follow-up email reminding them of their full cart and their soon-expiring coupon.

Cart Abandon

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*Rapid Retargeter must be enabled and configured on account

Program Designer also has many testing features that can generate metrics to identify the best possible version of an email that will promote the highest level of engagement.

Want to see which subject line performs the best? Will customers be more inclined to open an email that contains exclamation points or emojis? There’s only one way to find out: a Subject Line Test. In Program Designer, a test can set up to run a subject line (SL) test to compare which SL performs better using the Multivariate Testing (MVT) feature. The two subject lines are set at the campaign dashboard level, in Email Message Designer. 

Setting Subject Line

Once enabled on the campaign dashboard, the option for the MVT test will be made available on the Program Canvas. From there, experiment with the two subject lines using a small sample size of the target audience at the beginning of the deployment. After a specified time period, Program Designer will send the email using the subject line that received the majority of opens to the remaining subscribers. 

Responsys Subject Line

Multivariate Testing is not just limited to subject lines; MVT can also be used to test different sections of the email content to compare and analyze which image, banner, or headline grabs the most opens, click-throughs, conversions, or even unsubscribes. Up to eight different versions are available for testing between SLs and content on one email campaign. The tests can run for a designated amount of time before choosing the winning content and deploying the winning emails to the remaining targeted customers.

Rest Results

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Customers are now receiving emails, but are they actually taking a peek at the great content inside? Perhaps they are more inclined to open up emails early in the day while drinking their morning coffee, or at their lunch break when grabbing a bite to eat. The Send Time Optimization (STO) add-on feature is a great way to increase subscriber engagement. Once enabled, STO analyzes when customers typically open their emails and uses this advanced metric data to optimize performance by utilizing Program Designer to send customers the email at their individualized optimal engagement time. So, when the customer sifts through emails on their bus ride commute home, the email will be waiting bright and shiny at the top of their inbox.

Send Time Optimization

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Program Designer can be used to create an email journey that is as simple as launching a single email blast, or customizable to create a very unique life cycle journey for customers. In addition to launching email campaigns, Program Designer can deploy Short Message Service (SMS) and Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) campaigns in the same canvas. Once the customer has opted-in to mobile subscription, Program Designer can send associated Responsys text and multimedia campaigns to customers, just like it would with email campaigns. 

Responsys Program Designer SMS

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Responsys Program Designer SMS

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Program Designer is a multifaceted tool in Responsys that provides many ways to customize an exciting journey for customers. The features listed above are just a few of the many unique ways that marketing campaigns can be designed and executed to meet any marketing need. Whether a complex, months-long lifecycle journey, with SMS and email deployments, subject line testing and Send Time Optimization, or a simple single email blast campaign, Program Designer can be used in all sorts of ways to keep customers engaged in their journey.

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