self doubt in dating
Here’s a true story about one successful woman’s journey from self-doubt in dating to finding true soulmate love.  Lila, a highly accomplished forty-year-old pediatric nurse, had been through a heart-wrenching divorce.

Lila Shares Her Journey

My 15-year marriage had ended. And there I was three years later, unhinged and afraid to jump into dating. I had an extra 35 pounds of pudge rolling around my middle, a resentful mood and some very serious issues about being over the hill and unattractive. When I looked at myself in the mirror, I was starting to see the rotund shape of my mother. Which only made me want to eat more. My drug of choice: coffee Häagen-Dazs. Then because of the extra weight I developed a back problem and couldn’t exercise—I was sinking into fat city fast. I would say to my best friend, “Men want thinner women,” “I’m too old!”  Meanwhile I was…

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