should I text him
Are you wondering, Should I Text Him?  Or, What are the Very Best Texts to Get his Attention?

Rosalyn, a diminutive nurse was asking just these questions in the early stages of texting with Zach, a soulful veterinarian.  Zach definitely ticked all the boxes for her—he was a George Clooney look-alike, funny, and soulful.  And he seemed crazy about her! Rosalyn was so completely smitten with him that she was afraid to blow it by texting to much or appearing needy or desperate.

They had texted back and forth a few times about getting together for a date, but he dropped the ball in confirming that they would get together. As the time for the Friday night dinner came closer and closer, with no text from him, Rosalyn got upset.  She was studying the clock as the minutes slipped away, wondering, Should I text him?  And if I do, what should I say?  We will get back to Rosalyn…

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