A lot of people say that women who are “too emotional” or “out of control”, need to get a grip on their emotions. 

Here’s my response to a recent screenshot on this topic in my facebook group:

….this sounds like something written by a MGTOW guy.

Please note: (I don’t know what book or article this quote/image was taken from and I cannot find out, as the original poster of this removed the post shortly after it was approved.)

The word control is the wrong word to use…

The issue I have with the paragraph in the image above, is with the use of the word “control”.

Is it really the most appropriate word to use when referring to women’s emotions? 


“If you lose control, you will confirm his preconceived notion that all women are crazy and too emotional…”

Well, in case the person who wrote this hasn’t noticed – yes, indeed, in the minds of men, pretty much all…

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