So many women are easily sucked into the allure of an emotionally unavailable man.

You see a high value guy. His value is undeniable.

His deeply masculine demeanour and energy of independence has you pining for him, and fantasising about living a full life with him by your side.

You could be so good together, you think.

“It would be so amazing if he was my very own man..” you think.

His sense of confidence and direction in his life and in his body language makes him seem so….desirable.

And since he engages with you sometimes, you think he’s somehow, ”available”.

When, he’s really not.

Unfortunately, it’s not just that he’s emotionally unavailable that strangely makes you want him.

It’s the fact that he actually does have value.

So you want him to yourself.

Only, he doesn’t have the emotional resources nor the desire to share an emotional life with you.

Is your man…

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