I looked at this makeover picture my friend and colleague, Kim Seltzer showed me and I had to laugh because I thought of a top I had that wasn’t too far off from the red one posted here.

Kim is an amazing makeover expert.

And over the years, I’ve been so impressed with her makeover talent that I asked her to share with you a success story and how it transformed her clients’ dating life.

So here we go…from Kim 

When Annie came to me, she had low body confidence, never felt sexy and was literally hiding in her clothes.  Moreover, she was wearing clothes that were completely unflattering.

Some of these feelings came from messages she’d received growing up.

You see she was the smart one, not the pretty one according to her family.

And she believed this story until we started working together.

Now, back when I practiced as a therapist, I would have sat her down and talked…

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