We all have fears, because we are all human. Secretly, every human has had a fear of abandonment at some point. Abandonment issues, however, are a different beast altogether.

Deep fear of abandonment, if it’s not properly grieved, will cripple you and cause the slow painful death of every good relationship you have.

This article will be your definitive guide on abandonment issues in relationships. I’ll help you test yourself (or someone else) for signs of abandonment issues, and we will go through 15 undeniable signs you have a fear of abandonment.

I can remember looking through my adoption record, which the local government services had so responsibly kept on file for 21 years. They were kept there should I ever decide to search for my birth mother.

I looked slowly through my records. I was eager to learn, but my body was also full of trepidation.

Through these records, I learned…

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