Couple In Love Man And Woman Smiling While Hugging Together In Apartment

Positive thoughts, positive thinking, or simply focusing on the positive is so important at this moment.

Also, the power of positivity in a relationship should not be undermined as we face this crisis.

Positive thoughts have always been important to me. I studied psychoanalysis for over 30 years, and I understand the power of words. The words we use for ourselves and the words that others use when speaking to us have power.

Need for positivity and hope

As the only child of immigrant parents who had been severely traumatized, home life was often silent. And in silence, there is a need for positivity and hope.

Today we find ourselves amidst the greatest crisis of our lifetimes. It brought me back to what we did when we are little, and we do not hear enough words.

Sometimes we find a profession that allows us to use words in a way that can impact others.

Humans find a way to get…

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