Having casual sex encourages women to be afraid to ask for commitment

Article updated 2020

We want a man’s commitment for a reason.

Don’t short-change yourself.

Because there is so much pressure on women to give up sex easily these days, this is even more reason to resist that push for quick sex from men. Why? Because it’s also a test. Good men also test how easily they can get a woman to have sex with them.

Not having sex for validation and approval, and not having sex indiscriminately, or too early, will set you apart from the crowd.

Just because a man pushes you for sex, doesn’t mean you need to actually give him sex.

What if…he’s not actually looking for sex, deep down?

What if there’s one thing more valuable that you can give him?

And, if you bow down to pressure for the sake of keeping him around, then you’ve just perpetuated the pattern of approval seeking – and in…

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