Read on to learn 12 Ideas To Use When Schooling At Home Feels Like a Struggle (and get your free printable)

What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you hear the words “remote learning?” “homeschooling” or “online learning.”

If you groaned, felt needles of frustration, rolled your eyes, or just wanted to close your eyes and give up then keep reading.

Whatever way you’ve decided to tackle schooling during the pandemic, chances are classes at home get a little rocky.

There will be days when your kids seem more reluctant or completely resistant. There will be days when they whine and complain. Days where they can barely sit on their chair for a Zoom class let alone concentrate on their teacher. Days where they’ll rip up the pages they are working on and proclaim they’ll never do any schoolwork again. (An action, which you’ll come to read, can actually be…

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