This first date blunder can keep you from finding Mr. Right

Here’s something interesting I bet you haven’t thought about when it comes to dating after 50.

As a single woman in the second half of life, you get to choose how YOU want a man to fit into your life.

This is very different from the way you dated when you were in your 20’s and 30’s.

Back then, you looked for men to mate and have children with.

Today as a single woman over 50, you can date just for fun and men can fit into your life as your friend, your lover, your boyfriend, or even as your husband.

Yet if you’re like most women, dating isn’t fun.

You feel like the clock is ticking.

You start thinking you aren’t getting any younger.

And you worry about whether or not men will even like you at this age. (men do!)

So you go on a date and start frantically quizzing the new man you’re meeting.


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