Read on to see how you can keep connected with kids during the quarantine.

rough and tumble can help you keep connected with your kids during the quarantine

Last December my husband and I had two weeks off work.

In previous years we had planned lots of holiday activities, day trips and overnight stays with friends and family. It had all been a little too busy and overwhelming for both us and the children, and so this year we decided we would hibernate at home and make very few plans.

We all had time to wind down. My husband and I were feeling relaxed and resourced enough to get playful with our daughter, aged eight, and our son, aged four.

One night towards the beginning of the holidays, I suggested we have a family wrestle before bed.

We used a spare mattress on the floor as our wrestling arena, and we made the rules up as we went along but it went something like this:

1.Set the timer for ten minutes

2. Agree on teams (We opted for two, with one adult and…

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