I talk a lot about praying with your spouse and the many benefits this has for your marriage.

In fact, I think it is the most marriage changing thing a couple can do for their marriage. Often on the Awesome Marriage podcast, I will talk about other prayers that are also important for a marriage. These are three prayers that I regularly pray that absolutely make a difference in my marriage. 

  • Pray that God will help you see your spouse through His eyes. God loves your spouse just where they are. He loves them more than you ever can or will. He sees their heart and knows what is best for them. Praying this prayer cuts through my assumptions and preconceived ideas about Nancy. It gives me insight into what is going on with her and how I can come alongside her.  It increases my love for her and connects us in an amazing way. It helps me see her through God’s eyes and when I do, she experiences love from me that only God can help me to give.

  • Pray to be the husband or wife that God created you to be. Have you ever thought that if your spouse would change then you would change? Or thought “since they won’t change, why should I?” I spent a lot of time in that land waiting for Nancy to change. Then finally, I realized two things. First was that the only person I could change was me. Second, no matter what Nancy did or did not do, God wanted me to be the husband He created me to be. My focus shifted. This was huge for me. Now each day my goal was to be a better husband. My obedience was to let God mold me into the husband that would be perfect for Nancy. I will never reach that perfection in this life, but it is a great road to be on.

Here is my challenge to you. Pray each of these prayers every day for the next 30 days. I promise God will show up and your marriage will be far better for it.

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