Life is hard but it becomes easier when you have someone with you to share your happiness, worries and all your emotions. Everybody needs a partner. Even if you are a girl or boy, your age is 15 or 50, it does not matter, So. If you are looking for having a girlfriend and want some tips on it then it’s a great decision. Here you will get some expert tips that how to get a girlfriend.

  1. Approach as many girls as you can

    : If you are a nerd then you just need the practice to talk to others. As an artist become perfect after practising so many time as you will also be perfect in taking to girls if you keep on practising talking to the girl. Try to talk to every girl possible, Try to talk to your neighbour, your friends, random girls, Sales girls and many more. As you much you start talking with other girls you will feel comfortable in talking with girls and as many girls, you approach…

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