Hunting to rent an apartment and room is always one of the toughest jobs faced in all the metro cities in India. Especially for the new students and single working professionals, it is the biggest challenge to look out for fully furnished rooms for accommodation. As you are new to the citiy it is hard to find a room without helping from someone or through brokers. Those brokers or agents usually charge one to two-month rent as a brokerage charge which is very expensive for students and low-income professionals. Not only brokerage charges, in some of the cities like Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, and Puna you need to pay very high security deposits which are not always easily applicable for most of the tenants.

For students and single working professionals, PG is always the best choice if you are looking for a budget-friendly comfortable accommodation. Here, I will show you the best app and website to use while hunting for an apartment and PGs with no brokerage charge online.

Things to know when looking for PG

  • Choose PG not far away from your college and workplace.
  • Pay attention to the locality, is it safe and not outskirts.
  • Easily accessible via public transport and cabs.
  • Know the rules and policy.
  • Talk to the manager or property owner and solve your doubt.
  • Check all the facilities and amenities available.

List of 5 managed PG and Room providers in India

1. OYO Life

best pg and co-living provider in India

Oyo offers not only a budget-friendly hotel stay but they also offer PGs in most of the cities. They offer fully furnished PG for students and working men and women. What interesting about OYO Life is that there are no brokerage charges, only you have to pay one month’s rent in advance as a security deposit. They provide weekly housekeeping, free food, free wi-fi, on-call stay supervisor, etc. They have room types of single sharing or private rooms, two sharing, three sharing, and four sharing. You can schedule a visit to the property before confirming the booking online. The facilities and hassle-free accommodation are what make OYO Life very interesting. I really recommended OYO Life if you are looking for PGs to stay. Their services are really good and impressive but it might depend on the property to property and location. For more details visit OYO Life.

2. ZOLOStays

best pg provider in India

ZOLOStays is one of the most popular managed co-living apps in India. They have very vast properties across the cities. Their website and app are user-friendly. They provide a budget-friendly and luxurious PGs for men and women. The good thing about ZOLOStays is that most of their properties are easily accessible. They provide single sharing, double sharing, three sharing, and four sharing. They also allowed pre-visit to the property before the booking is confirmed. The facilities here you get is almost the same as OYO Life like the free wifi, room service, food, etc. Zolo is a new way to connect with like-minded people under the same roof. Live with people who share your ideology, values, and interests. As a security deposit, you have to pay one month’s rent in advance and they also charge 1000 Rs as a booking fee. I heard that their online ticket support system is not that effective. For more details visit ZOLOStays.

3. Nestaway

best co-living provider in India

Here in Nestaway, they provide PGs and Independent houses or apartments. They have a fully furnished and semi-furnished type of room. Nestaway charges a one-time accommodation convenience fee for all bookings which is calculated as a percentage of one month’s rent. You also have to pay a security deposit of two-month rent in advance that is fully refundable if vacated in the original condition. Nestaway is way more expensive compared to ZOLO Stay and OYO Life and they don’t provides the best facilities and amenities but if you are looking for an independent house to rent, it is a good option to go for. I personally don’t recommend Nestaway PGs for students and co-living. For more details please visit Nestaway.

4. Colive

best co-living provider in India

Colive is another best fully managed rental provider for students and working employees. They have their presence in three cities Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad. They provide single occupancy, shared rooms, and couple rooms. The main facilities include wifi, room service, washing machine, food, TV, AC, and Cupboard. The facilities you get here depending on the property to property, some property have gym fitness room, entertainment room, and indoor sports facility. You have to pay two-month rents as a security deposit which will be refunded after the stay. Six months is the standard lock-in period, and the notice period is one month if you want to leave. For more details please visit Colive.

5. Magic Bricks

best website to rent a room

Magic Bricks is a little different from the above co-living providers. They don’t have their own property but they act as a middle man. They have a free and paid plan on their website and app. The paid plan is quite reasonable and interesting. After they find a matching property according to your search and needs, the property owner will schedule for you to visit the property or PGs. Just for your information most of the property and PGs here are not owned by Magic Bricks. They are just a helping hand for you to find your dream home and PGs. I don’t really recommend this but it is very helpful in some cities where OYO and ZOLO have no presence. For more details please visit Magic Bricks.


If you are looking for affordable PG with good amenities and facilities all the five start-ups mention are the top PG provider in India. What you have to do is install the app and select your location and choose the type of room you want to stay and schedule a pre-visit of the property. It is not that hard to find a good stay in the city anymore. Everything is online and it’s only up to your choice. Please feel free to write your review and experience in the comment section below.

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