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Top Content from 2019 – Part 1


As we dive into the early months of 2020, we look back on 2019 and all of its developments and opportunities. As a fun way to remember the year, we pulled our top blog posts from 2019! Thank you for reading along with us throughout the year! We can’t wait to welcome you back in 2020, but for now, enjoy five of our ten best.


Basics of the Oracle Eloqua Responsive Email Builder


A lot of people like the idea of creating emails. A lot of people also raise their eyebrows and prick up their ears when you mention creating your own responsive email. And yet, a lot of people dismiss it, thinking you have to be a coding whiz to make it happen.

Not anymore! If you can use a computer and have access to Oracle Eloqua, you can build a responsive email. Eloqua now allows you to sit back and create rich, responsive emails all by yourself. So, gather your images and text, and see what you can create! Read more.


Are You Ready for CCPA?


Like many marketers, you may still be recovering from GDPR. Perhaps you are still implementing new rules, regulations, and procedures to ensure your compliance. If you’re among a select few, you’re finally feeling comfortable with your privacy governance. No matter where you sit in the spectrum of adjustment, it’s time to start thinking about the next wave of regulation, CCPA.

CCPA stands for the California Consumer’s Privacy Act. This new regulation was voted into law in 2018 and goes into effect on January 1, 2020. At its core, CCPA gives California consumers greater ownership, control, and security over their personal information. Similar to GDPR, CCPA gives California consumers a number of rights and protections that businesses need to accommodate. Learn more.


Oracle Eloqua Segmentation

Oracle Eloqua Segmentation

Oracle Eloqua‘s segmentation functionality allows marketers to target audiences based on behavior, personal data, or company information. Once a segment is in place, it can be leveraged to define campaign membership, reporting, and even scheduled data exports.

Learning the ins and outs of segmentation can help you get the most out of your Oracle Eloqua database. Here, we’ll configure a segment that excludes unreachable contacts; uses a shared list and individual contact, a common practice for seed lists; and includes contacts based on contact field values and email activity. Continue reading.


Basics of Oracle Eloqua’s Responsive Landing Page Builder

Oracle Eloqua Responsive Landing Page Builder

If you can use a computer and have access to Oracle Eloqua, you can build a responsive landing page.

Effective digital marketing requires beautiful landing pages that look great no matter the device used to view them. You may want to create your own responsive webpage to streamline your marketing workflow but dismiss the idea, thinking you have to be a coding whiz. Not anymore! Oracle Eloqua now allows you to build rich, responsive landing pages all by yourself. So, gather your campaign content and see what you can create! Read more.


What is Oracle Eloqua’s Engage?

pre-built marketing templates

Oracle Eloqua Engage is a simple way to put the power of controlled messaging in your sales representatives’ hands. Part of Oracle Eloqua Sales Tools, Engage is an add-on that allows sales reps to send quick, personalized messages from anywhere. Engage helps streamline the customer communication and follow-up process: Reps simply choose from a folder of pre-built marketing templates that can be customized to meet their needs. Learn more.



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