what is emotional cheating

Are you wondering, what is emotional cheating?  Maybe you are feeling lonely in your relationship or marriage.  But it seems like your spouse is focused elsewhere.  He or she may have a very “special” close friend, maybe at work or in your social network.  And you wonder if they are having an affair.  It seems like there is nothing sexual going on between them.  But then again, when you find evidence that your partner is so loving, so interested in, so responsive, so eager to see the “special friend,” it feels like a loss to you.  You find yourself being jealous and not wanted them to spend time together.

You may worry about when their next interaction is going to occur.  Is there a text message from the friend?  A special email?  Requests for help?  You may feel like you are running number two, while the special friend is getting the number one treatment from…

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