Imagine you’re on discovering travels across worlds. Today you embark a new unknown landscape on your quest. The air is humid, your feet stubbornly get stuck in the mud while you’re making your way through wetland woods, with some familiarity to mangrove or rain forest. The trail is a challenge, but you are prepared. The machete in your dominant hand cuts away the branches in front of you. The sound of streaming water somewhere close, a river, or a waterfall maybe, but you can’t see it yet.

Climbing over giant rocks you follow a path through the hills onwards, upwards, downwards… You hear the unique songs of tropical birds and chirping insects in the distance, sometimes the quacking of frogs. You pass caves. You’re sweating, panting, but you feel strong and you know you’re close to what you’ve been looking for. You casually wave some mosquitoes away. One look at your…

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