Most women would rather be the wife of a high value man, than the side dish of a high value man.


Because women need and desire emotional and physical investment from great men in order to feel secure, safe and happy. 

The biggest issue is that most women have no idea about the right things to focus on, in order to get the wife status and the devotion that they desire.

Here’s the deal:

Being a man’s wife doesn’t mean he’s devoted to you.

Men marry women for all kinds of reasons. Some of these reasons are good reasons.

Some of them are bad reasons. Like pressure from family, or just that they got old enough that they thought they should “settle down” with the best option they had available to them.

As a woman, your actual energy and focus should be on the real prize: being a man’s one and only woman.

Because men will very quickly place you in either one of two categories.


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