Source: Amritanshu-Sikdar/Unsplash

Judith Grisel, Ph.D., an addiction expert, recounts her first taste of alcohol—drinking wine at the age of 13—in a way that could describe any teenager’s experience.

“I felt as Eve should have after tasting the apple. Or as a bird hatched in a cage would feel upon being unexpectedly set free,” Dr. Grisel vividly recalls in her book Never Enough: The Neuroscience and Experience of Addiction. “The drug provided physical relief and spiritual antidote for the persistent restlessness I’d been unable to identify or share… alcohol provided powerful subconscious recognition of my desperate strivings for self-acceptance and existential purpose and my inability to negotiate a complex world of relationships, fears, and hopes.”

Drinking or using other drugs can provide “an easy way through the difficulty of…

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