I’ve been teaching about Special Time this week and it’s led me to think more about my journey with it.

These days we do Special Time for about 15 minutes per child every day, and it’s a chunk of time that we all, me included, enjoy. The impact on how my kids feel and therefore their behaviour is crystal clear.

But it hasn’t always been like that.

So if you’ve been dabbling in Special Time, and hearing wonderful stories of it, but have been hitting some hurdles in your family, here are some thoughts that might help.

First up, if you’re new to this playful parenting tool, Special Time is 1:1 time with each child where they get to be in charge and you do whatever they want you to, with delight and enthusiasm.

It’s important to name and announce it so that your kids know up-front that they have ownership of this time and can depend on your uninterrupted attention….

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