Does your tween or teen complain about school? Read on for advice about talking to the school and supporting your child from home.

“My teacher is so mean!!!”

One mother in our group Hand in Hand for Parents of Preteens and Older Kids had been hearing that a lot since her child returned to school.

“I have a 9-year-old daughter whose first day of 3rd grade was today and it appears we have “the mean teacher,” she said. “I’m thinking of going to see the principal, the teacher, and maybe trying to get her moved into another class. But what can I do if that doesn’t work? Only 179 more days to go. Ugh.”

Sound familiar?

It can be agonising trying to work out how to help our child through tough times with their teachers. In situations like this, we do need to be our children’s advocate. And we also need to keep our focus on building and repairing relationships – with…

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