What to do when you’re turned off by men’s pictures online

Years ago, I was at a friend’s home having dinner with 3 other couples.

We spent the night laughing and talking about everything under the sun whether it was the latest movie we’d seen, a heated political discussion, or something as simple as what was going on with our kids and work.

I remember taking a really good look at the men seated around the table wondering just how they’d do on a dating site.

They were all interesting, successful men I’d known for years and to me, each one of them was engaging, warm, and fun to be around along with cute in their own way.

But one looked older than he was, another had a pouch and the last one looked a bit nerdy and was going bald.

Chance are if you’d seen pictures of them on a dating site, you’d have passed up these great men.


Because it’s so easy to make snap…

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