When you’re trying to figure out if an over 50’s man is right for you . . .

Before working with a new client, I’ll ask her what she’s looking for in the man she’d like to share her heart and life with.

Most women tell me they want to feel chemistry and immediate attraction to a man.

It’s a feeling they say.

They just know if he’s the one right away.

I get it good looks are nice to come home to every day.

And chemistry . . . well, it just feels good!

But these two qualities don’t create long-term compatibility and that’s probably what you are looking for, right?

Both attraction and chemistry fade over time so something else needs to be there if you want your relationship to grow and go the long haul.

Here are some questions worth considering when you’re trying to decide whether or not a man who is not so cute is worth getting to know.

  • Will he bring you soup…

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