There has to be some decent reason why men ghost, right?

Why would he disrespect you, or cause you that much pain, out of nowhere?

In this article, we answer the question of why do men ghost, as well as give your pain a purpose.

And I say give your pain a purpose, because if this man or your interactions with him mattered to you at all, there’s going to be some hurt, anger and disappointment for you to process through.

Even if it’s not just anger about him – but moreso about pent up anger from past experiences of being abandoned by men.

I mean, how can a man show so much interest in you, and then disappear completely?

How can he be so warm and then go ghost?

How could he even imply or boldly claim that he likes you, invite you out to dinner, and then completely disappear?

Some men are even more brazen. They’ll even say that they see some kind of future with you, only to turn…

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