Judge In Gloves To Protect From Coronavirus Writing On Paper

For the uninitiated, divorce rate and Covid-19 might sound mutually exclusive.

But as the world grapples with the Coronavirus pandemic, daily life has been turned upside-down.

People across the globe have been confronted with unprecedented and unimaginable changes and must now navigate myriad unforeseen stressors, unforeseen circumstances ,from the obvious health concerns, increase in anxiety to financial uncertainty.

However, one aspect of life that has not yet been fully unpacked is how this public health crisis is putting pressure on marriages.

Whether a couple has enjoyed a stable and happy married life, or their relationship was on shaky ground prior to the pandemic, countless triggers have emerged that will surely test many couples’ resolve and may also cause a spurt in lack of intimacy.

And while these effects have not yet been studied extensively, all of this begs…

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